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 Purchase Order Clauses and Conditions

All purchase orders for materials, special processes, machining and fabrication services and end items are subject to the following requirements:

General Requirements:

  1. The terms "Item(s)", (including "item(s)" with lower case "i"), "PO", and "Buyer" as used herein, have the same meaning as terms "Work",
    "Contract", "Supplier", and TSL Aerospace Technologies Ltd., respectively.

  2. TSL Aerospace Technologies Ltd will be reference to herein as Buyer or TSL. The recipient of the purchase order will be referenced to
    herein as the Supplier.

  3. The Supplier may not subcontract the work or any portion of the work without prior written consent of the Buyer.

  4. This Purchase Order is subject to cancellation by the Buyer if the supplies / services are not delivered in accordance with the schedule specified
    on the purchase order. TSL reserves the right to extend the ship date and (or) cancel or change any item in its entirety, with no penalty or
    cancellation charges, by giving written notice at least six (6) calendar weeks prior to ship date.

  5. Supplier is responsible to ensure that all material used in the manufacture or processing of the purchase order are obtained from end customer
    approved sources and have proper certification. Supplier shall establish controls to ensure that material subject to age control, shelf life, or
    environmental controls are properly identified, monitored and maintained.

  6. Supplier must control drawings, specifications and supplemental instructions and changes thereto to the extent necessary to ensure that only
    documents of the revisions specified in the PO are utilized. Supplier shall maintain a system to ensure removal of obsolete documentation from
    the manufacturing, inspection and test areas.

  7. Notification – Supplier shall notify Buyer when:
    • Supplier or Supplier's sub-tiers are found to be non-compliant to Buyer specifications,
    • Supplier's sub-tier is disapproved by Supplier
    • Supplier or Supplier's sub-tier are disapproved by a Government Agency,
    • Government/Industry Data Exchange Program ("GIDEP") Alert is required or received affecting Buyer items.

  8. Access to Facilities – The buyer, its customers and regulatory authorities reserves the right of access to the applicable areas of the
    Supplier's facilities, and its sub-tiers, involved in the order to review the progress of work, review applicable supporting records and
    perform required audits as per AS9100 standard.

  9. The Supplier is responsible to flow down the requirements outlined in this document to its applicable sub-tiers.

  10. Language - Unless otherwise authorized by Buyer in writing, all records, reports, specifications, drawings and other documentation shall
    be in English.