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 Quality Requirements

  1. The Supplier shall maintain an accredited and documented Quality Management System, such as ISO 9001, AS9100, or TS16949, that is
    subject to review, audit or approval by TSL Aerospace Technologies Ltd. or TSL's customers.

  2. Buyer's Quality Assurance or Buyer's customer or regulatory agencies may perform in-process inspection and quality systems surveillance
    at Supplier's facilities. Work to be performed which is related to Buyer's end items and/or spares is subject to Buyer's periodic audit of
    Supplier's conformance with their internal procedures and other applicable documentation, including prior to identification by Supplier of
    such end items and/or spares to the Buyer's program.

  3. Article to be delivered under the purchase order shall be subject to inspection as follows:

    • Buyer's Quality Assurance or Buyer's customer or regulatory agencies will inspect, at Supplier's plants, all items which are to be delivered
      to the Buyer if a source inspection requirement is specifically called out on the PO.

    • Buyer's Quality Assurance will inspect, at Supplier's plants, supplies to be delivered from Supplier to another Buyer's subcontractor if a
      source inspection requirement is called out on the PO

    • Supplier shall prepare and present to the Buyer's quality Assurance Representative the Acceptance Documentation and Records package
      required by the Purchase Order for each deliverable end item. This includes the Certificate of Conformance.

    • Verification by the customer (buyer or buyer's customer) does not absolve the supplier of the responsibility to provide acceptable product
      and not preclude subsequent rejection by the customers

  4. The following documents must accompany the shipment as instructed on the purchase order.
    • Manufacturer Certificate of Conformance and Material Test Report
    • Distributor Certificate of Conformance
    • NAFTA Certificate of Origin

  5. Manufacture and process completely to the requirements of the drawing, all specifications referenced therein, and all P.O. requirements,
    including such items as part marking, identification, inspection, stamps, certification, inspection records, etc. All special processes that
    are called out on the PO, engineering drawings or specifications must be carried out by OEM approved sources as instructed on the
    purchase order. Manufacturing and Inspection Control is required on this order. The Supplier's documented quality system shall provide
    for the review of the PO, Manufacturing and Inspection plans, to ensure that quality requirements are incorporated into the manufacturing
    planning, and inspection and test instructions, as applicable, to assure compliance with the PO. Supplier shall retain evidence of such review.
    Supplier shall utilize only written instruction plans for all manufacturing, processing and inspection operations. Buyer will provide to Supplier
    all required customer specification once requested.

  6. The sell/supplier who produces the parts shall not allow to perform any operation of welding restoration and correction unless the
    Supplier/supplier receives a written agreement from buyer, except those the relevant specifications or drawings incorporated in the contract
    specified otherwise.

  7. The supplier shall submit a First Article Inspection (FAI) report for each deliverable item as instructed on the purchase order. This report
    may be in any format suitable to the supplier's system but must contain variable data for 100% of all drawings characteristics and account
    for 100% of all other features such as drawing notes and processes and must be representative of production processes actually used.
    The FAI report shall be consistent with the requirements of AS9102 (latest revision), Aerospace First Article Inspection Requirement.
    All FAI submissions and supporting documentation must be forwarded electronically to your specific purchasing agent and Quality
    Manager at TSL prior to the delivery of the first production lot. The Supplier shall retain one copy of the AS9102 FAI Report as evidence of
    FAI approval.

    Products already accepted by FAI shall repeat FAI or delta FAI under the following conditions:

    • A change affecting fit, form or function of the part.
    • A change in manufacturing source(s), process(es), inspection method(s), location of manufacture, tooling or materials, that can
      potentially affect fit, form or function.
    • A change in numerical control program or translation to another media that can potentially affect fit, form or function.
    • A natural or man-made event, which may adversely affect the manufacturing process.
    • A lapse in production of two years.

  8. In the event that the Supplier is supplying parts including the material the Supplier shall deliver with each shipment a copy of the original
    Mill/Manufacturer's Certificate of conformance (CofC) indicating that the material/articles supplied on this Purchase order meet all
    Purchase order requirements and that objective evidence is on file for Buyer's review to substantiate such certification. If Supplier is not
    the material manufacturer, then a Supplier's Certificate of conformance is required in addition to the material manufacturer's Certificate of
    Conformance. Supplier shall mark the name of Mill/Manufacturer, Manufacturing Lot/Batch number or Heat Treatment number on each
    package and CofC document of supplies. Supplier must acknowledge and confirm that all sources of Supply and Manufacturer of materials(s)
    to be purchase under this purchase order are approved by the respective OEM that the end item is designated for and are also approved
    by the OEM for the relevant specification to which they are being purchased and that in the event Supplier reaches this requirements, Supplier
    shall assume sole and exclusive risk, liability and expense whatsoever without limitation in the removal, re-supply and/or replacement of
    such materials form approved sources for the item(s) in question. Further, in the event of such breach, Buyer expressly reserves all rights
    and remedies if any, provided by this purchase order, in equity or at law.