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Modular, compact submersible to a jaw-dropping 50 meters and available in 6 visible colours plus infared, LazerBrite LED light systems has become
a trusted choice by the United States military. But, you don't have to run a tactical operation to take advantage of LazerBrites versatile handheld
LED light system.

LazerBrite and it's accessory components have been designed for virtually every activity:

Military & Law Enforcement: Signalling, marking, personal lighting, available in infrared or visible light.

Emergency Preperation: 10 year battery shelf life, small, lightweight, waterproof and reliable with up to 150 hours of battery life, LazerBrite is perfect
in a natural disaster or zombie attack.

Industrial Safety: Use LazerBrite on construction sites, oil-rigs, roads, and transportation projects to mark hazards, equipment, chemical spills or for
other visual signaling. LazerBrite also provides the opportunity to add your company logo to the light itself, for a great functional safety award.