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 Composite Repairs

TSL Aerospace Technologies provides customers with industry leading material and equipment. With the introduction of the BriskHeat ACR 3
"Hot Bonders".
In addition to our new line of equipment, TSL also supplies Thermocouple welders, vacuum generators and temperature recorders, among other items.

Our airline approved materials meet industry approved specifications. We provide composite repair materials in large or small quantities, which arrive
overnight express packed with dry ice, appropriate documents and certifications.
We supply Prepregs, Dry Fabrics, Bagging Films, Film Adhesives and Resins in the quantities you require.

We also offer a complete line of accessories:
High Quality Silicone Rubber Heat Blankets, Thermocouple wire, plugs, Vacuum accessories, Composite Repair Tool Kits, and Training.

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ACR 3 Dual Zone Hotbonder

ACR 3 Single Zone Hotbonder

To view the ACR 3 Hot Bonders Brochure click here

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