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BAE Systems

Bringing the BAE Systems line to the Canadian Market, offer the leading technology in the aircraft seating systems, From the military folding troop
seats to FAA-certified lightweight crew and passenger seats to the Presidential VIP seating. BAE systems is the provider of choice for the new worlds
helicopter operators.

FAA approved
TSO-C127a certified and aft-facing mounting
TSO-C39b certified side-facing mounting
Accommodates 5th percentile female to 95th percentile male

Improved Safety
The BAE Systems crash resistant troop seat is the first wall style troop seat to be successfully tested in dynamic crash conditions representing
30º nose down surpassing 14 Gs and 10º yaw surpassing 16Gs All Fabic meets the FAR 25.853 vertical burn test requirements by utilizing inherently
flame resistant textile materials and flame retardant treated nylon webbings and tapes.
Fabric and structure have been designed to be more rugged than existing in-service bench type seats. High strength aluminum tubing and durable fabric
create a seat of superior safety and quality. This provides significant cost of ownership reductions in replacement and repair expenses.

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