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Aircraft Armor

The complex and evolving needs of today's military require integrated combat protection and mobility solutions unique to any other time in history.

BAE Systems offers pioneering technologies for both opaque and transparent armor systems. Our true monolithic opaque armor technology allows ceramic to be molded into complex, multi-contoured shapes without the need for raised edges and joints. This contour feature reduices the material necessary to cover a specific area and results in the lightest weight, lowest areal density (weight per unit area) systems. It also allows the armor to conform very closely to the aircraft fuselage or to the occupant or component it is protecting, reducing the armor envelope and simplyinf its attachment.

Our opaque armor is availbale in a variety of ceramic and backing materials to meet a range of threats including .50-cal armor-piercing projectiles at
velocities over 1,5' ft/sec.

We also offer unmatched transparent armor technology in the form of the new liquid-castable transparent polyurethane polymer, Cleargard, which has superior ballistic performance compared to conventional transparent polymers like acrylic and polycarbonate. Cleargard also has the advantage in many
cases of being used as a single layer rather than in a laminate construction. Laminates are known for fracturing and separating during the ballistic
impact, resulting in severly degreaded optical performance. A monolithic layer of Cleargard will absorb the projectile, limiting optical distortion to a
highly localised area surrounding the projectile impact point.